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What Are the Benefits of a Slate Roof? (8/18/2016)
For homeowners, there are few more important issues than roof maintenance. When looking for a roofing material, there are a few characteristics that are especially desirable. Homeowners, by and in large, look for materials that are inexpensive, durable and low maintenance. There is a large variety of roofing materials to choose from; among them are grass, straw, concrete, shingles and slate (to name a few). Though the options are numerous, few roofing materials offer as many advantages as slate.

Natural Appearance

A slate roof is made up of shingle-like slate stones laid onto a roof. One main benefit of a slate roof is that it provides the house with a very natural-looking appearance. Unlike other durable roofing materials, such as tin or concrete, which can sometimes be eyesores, slate has an aesthetically pleasing look. Additionally, slate can be obtained in variety of natural colors, allowing for an easily customized look. These colors include green, gray, black, purple and red.


More practically, slate is an extremely durable material. Slate used for roofing is obtained from rock quarries and is cut by hand. Generally, a slate roof can have a lifespan of up to 75 years or more. Additionally, slate provides excellent fire protection. Unlike roofs made of wood, slate will stand up to flames without burning. Slate roofs are also storm and wind resistant. Exposure to natural elements will not compromise the look or structure of the tiles, nor will they retain damaging snow or ice.

Low Maintenance

Third, slate roofing is very low maintenance. Due to the nature of the materials, initial installation generally requires an experienced professional. Slate must usually be shaped by hand to fit specific roof specifications. Also, the material has the potential to break if stepped on. These, as well as other reasons, make do-it-yourself installation impractical. However, once installed, the slate roof will provide decades of reliable service with little to no additional maintenance.