What is artificial stone or artificial Marble and engineered stone?

What is acrylic solid surface or acrylic sheet?
Generally speaking, when people talk about acrylic solid surface or acrylic sheet, they usually mean artificial stone or artificial marble. What is acrylic solid surface or acrylic sheet? Acrylic solid surface is a main mixture of Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), Unsaturated polyester resin (UPR), Hydrated aluminum oxide powder AL(OH)3 and pigment etc. Lets explain its materials acrylic solid surface in details, acrylic solid surface of our factory is polymerized by hydrate-alumina, wear-resistant acrylic resin, anti-impact benzene resin, water-proof resins and PMMA resin and the pigment. This arcylic solid surface is similar to Corians solid surface, it is considered to be the modern ideal decoration material. Solid surface products are very versatile in residential construction and multi-family housing. you can enjoy your solid surface style in their original and excellent luster for many years to come.
Because there are culture difference between us, so acrylic solid surface have several different names such as acrylic sheet or solid surface, for example, people from USA and Canada would like to call them modififed acrylic countertops, kitchen countertops or artificial granite countertops, and French like to call them plan de travail solide arylic or plan de travail, but people from United Kingdom and Ireland name them as kitchen wortops or acrylic sheet, While people from New Zealand, Australia and India are apt to call them solid surface or engineered stone, in china people directly call them artifiical marble, artificial sone, acrylic solid surface or man-made stone.
Though there are different words used by lots of people , when you want to looking for information on solid surface or acrylic sheet, you can use countertops, acrylic solid surface, kitchen countertops, artficial marble, solid surface sheet or artificial stone solid surface as your keywords to research and get the accurate information.
Acrylic solid surface application
Acrylic solid surface is durable and non-radioactive property. This green decorative solid surface material will gradually take the place of natural granity or common artificial marble which introduce the vacuum molding process. With the increasing popularity of solid surface material, many people have began to pay attention to solid surface product in recent years. Now modern owners can choose acrylic solid surface as their favorite decorative materials.In our factory, our customer can choose and obtain various colors of acrylic sheet from pure white and black to beige or other color. our factorys acrylic solid surface can be used in a variety of applications including kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, bar tops surfaces and more.
Known for acrylic solid surface is good durability and high plasticity, anti-stain and non-porous materials, solid surface is one of the most popular artificial marble in the world. Its also ideal to be used as countertops, kitchen worktops, vanity tops, kitchen countertops, light permeable artificial stone and bathroom-wall, but also can be used as a wide range of serving countertops, cafeteria table, luminous artifiicial stone and other marble worktops or display countertops. Except the advantage of stable quality, acrylic sheet overcome the defects such as deformation and fracture. Acrylic Solid surface also possessed other good performance including longevity, grime-resistant, germ -proof, anti-impact, noninflammable and high plasticity, so acrylic solid surface had been widely used in domestic decoration aerias and public construction including luxury hotel, multipleCuse building, bank fields and so on. In above-mentioned place, you can see acrylic solid surface product anywhere.
Generally speaking, acrylic solid aurface product including countertops, kitchen countertops ( kitchen worktops ) , vanity tops and artificial marble countertops comes from 1/5" to 114/4" thick and these acrylic sheet series product is very easy to cut and carve, acrylic solid surface is an excellent choice for interior design projects and everyday use.so it is perfect choice for many people to choose this good solid surface countertops.
Acrylic solid surface advantages
Solid surface countertops of our factory which is the same as Corians solid surface can give a lifetime of maintenance-free and durable beauty. As the ideal residential and commercial construction material, this kind of solid surface countertops is available in over 100 colors and patterns. Many people use this acrylic sheet as kitchen worktops and vanity tops. When you install solid surface countertops in your favorite position, the joint of solid surface is seamless. Solid surface is non-porous and anti-stain, so these acrylic sheet is better than other common artificial stone. And solid surface doesn’t require special maintenance, because acrylic solid surface possess this superior advantage. Whether solid surface countertops is used in residential decoration or commercial application, owner like the ease of maintenance and prettiness. If solid surface countertops is damaged or scratched, it is very easy and inexpensive to mend by polishing.
Solid surface maintenance
Compare to acrylic solid surface, few construction materials have the durability and ease of repair for daily application, Because acrylic sheet is anti-impact, a non-porous, anti-stain solid surface material, it is easy to clean with normal method. The non-porous solid surface doest allow the growth of bacteria or mildew, it is also non-reactive and non-toxic. So acrylic solid surface devised as vanity tops or kitchen countertops is one of the safest and best materials.Solid surface countertops are also impervious to damage, if solid surface countertops is scratched by cut, it is very easy for countertops to repair by regular care. For another example again, proper cleaning can prevent solid surface from stains and germ-proof.

artificial stone includes:

* artificial marble
* artificial Quartz
* Solid Surface
* Engineered Marble
* Engineered Quartz
* Gems stone
* Compound onyx
* Compound quartz
* Compound marble
* Quartz Countertops
* Marble vanity top
* artificial Crystal Stone
* artificial Cyrstal quartz