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How to Bullnose Granite (7/29/2016)
How to Bullnose Granite

Granite is a durable natural stone countertop material and its durability derives from the quartz and other crystalline structures that form it. These materials that provide durability and easy maintenance also make cutting, grinding down and polishing granite a challenging job. With the right cutting and polishing blades a smooth, rounded bullnose edge finish can be created on the granite. While the necessary grinding and polishing equipment can be costly, if you have these tools or can borrow them, and have some experience working with natural stone, you can complete a granite bullnose edge as a DIY project.


Things You'll Need

Granite slab of choice

Mechanical grinder/polisher

Bullnose shaping diamond wheel blade

Diamond grinding and polishing discs in 50 grit to 3,500 grit

Ventilator mask and sealed eye goggles

Measuring tape

Masking tape

Stable work surface


Measure & Mark Counter Width

Measure the granite width at several points, establishing and marking a level line with masking tape where the outer edge of the plywood sub-counter ends and how much of a reveal you want. This will serve as an eye guide when grinding and ensure an even and linear finish edge.

Grind down the natural or square edge of the granite with smooth and consistent passes down the length of the edge using a bullnose diamond grinding wheel. Depending on the starting shape of the edge this may take more than a dozen passes. Establishing an even edge at this point is important so as to maintain and finish with an even and linear bullnose.

Switch to diamond grinding discs to refine the smooth and soft rolling edge of the bullnose. Grinding discs of 100 grit up to 600 grit are useful in this stage but higher or lower grits may be required based on the response of your particular granite slab.

Begin polishing the now established bullnose shape with polishing discs between 600 grit and 1,500 grit. Wipe down the bullnose edge with a clean damp towel, lifting all dust and debris, and dry thoroughly with a second clean towel.

Finish polish the bullnose edge by progressively running finer-grit polishing discs over the bullnose to achieve desired look and feel up to a 3,500 grit.