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How To Choose Artificial Stone (5/5/2017)

Artificial stone (solid surface material), widely use in countertops, vanity tops, window sill countertops, doors and windows sets, coffee table, skirting, bar, TV countertops, etc., is an environmentally friendly material to instead of natural marble and wood.

In general, artificial stone with bad quality may has the following aspects of the problems and hazards: the cycle of aging products is short, the glossiness and the color of the surface are bad, with pores and soft texture, it is easy to be scratched and distortion. There are a wide variety of artificial stone, the following is about how to identify artificial stone countertops.  


1.Atter polished, products with high quality will looks crystal clear, pure in color, and when you touch it ,the texture feels likes natural stone and you can not feel the pores. If the products with poor quality may looks dark, impure color, it may make your eyes feel dazzling and uncomfortable.

2.Product with high-quality may have strong hardness and mechanical strength, its surface will not leave scratches even you dating it with the most rigid hard plastic, product with poor quality is softer, is easy to scratch, and easy to deformation.

3. Quality products easy to polish. When processing, the inferior products issued pungent taste. With more artificial stone brand in today's market, there are some tips for you to identify it.


First, look at its hardness and strength. Take a piece of material, about 20 กม 20, fling on the concrete floor, stone with poor quality will fall into pieces of comminuted, and stone with high quality may broken into two or three pieces.

Second, bear the high temperature. Take a slender artificial stone strip, burning on the fire, it is easy to burn if the quality is poor. Artificial stone with high quality can not be fired, unless the addition of fuel,

Third, anti-pollution. Take the family of daily colored liquid, such as lipstick, ink, vinegar, soy sauce, etc., fell on the plate about ten minutes later, then scrub with water to see if there is penetration, products with good quality can scrub off the surface color.

These three methods are simple for people. In addition, you can identify the stone through thier color, texture, gloss, pores, particles and many other things, or you can also use some equipment, but it is difficult for non-professionals.