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The Introduction Of Artificial Stone (4/27/2017)

Artificial stone is not a separate stone, and does not attach any cultural meaning, it is expressed to achieve a certain decorative effect of the processing and production methods. The attractive feature of artificial stone is the color of the texture can maintain the original natural style, coupled with changes in color deployment, can show the connotation and artistic endless. In the line with people advocating nature, return to the natural concept of culture, people called such stone as "artificial stone" ,and use this stone to decoration the wall and making the wall, and it can reveal a cultural charm and natural flavor.


Artificial stone is made of non-natural mixture, such as resin, cement, glass beads, alumina powder, etc. plus gravel adhesive. Artificial stone is a new type of composite material, it is use the unsaturated polyester resin and filler, pigment mixture, adding a small amount of initiator, through a certain processing procedures. In the manufacturing process, it can coupled with some differents colors, make it colorful, shiny jade like natural marble products. Because of its non-toxic, non-radioactive, flame retardant, non-sticky oil, no seepage, antibacterial mold, wear, impact resistance, easy maintenance, splicing seamless, any shape, etc.,it become popular in the decoration market.

Artificial stone is use of silicon calcium, gypsum and other materials from refining. It mimics the appearance of natural stone texture, with a light texture, rich colors, not mildew, non-flammable, easy to install and so on. There are some advantage and disadvantages of artificial stone.

Advantages: artificial stone has a better texture of resist acid, high temperature, impact, compression, bending, anti-penetration and other functions are also very strong. Its deformation, bonding, turning and other parts of the treatment is unique;  Because the surface without pores, oil, water stains are not easy to penetrate. Any length can be bonding seamlessly.


Disadvantages: it is easy to break, and the hardness is not very high. Also, the market doping a lot of varieties, not easy to distinguish between good and bad.

Note: even if it is seamless artificial stone, because of its different processing, quality is also divided into good and bad. So when purchase the artificial stone, you should choose the credibility is better, the service is guaranteed brand!