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Daily Maintenance Of Artificial Stone Countertops (4/20/2017)

Artificial stone furniture has a great market in home decoration and architectural decoration, it has a smooth surface,and the color is beautiful. Artificial stone is suitable for cabinet countertops, bathroom table, windowsill and other artificial stone furniture. There is no pore in on the artificial stone's surface, so the oil, water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, and it is easy to clean.


As the artificial stone has no fine lines, it has a special texture in resisting the paint and stains, and also easy to clean. But the texture is soft, you should not use the friction of the cleaning agent. For the daily clean, you just need the sponge add some neutral detergent to keep it clean.To disinfect, use the diluted daily bleach or other disinfectant to wipe the surface. Be sure to wipe the water with the towel in time. If there have small stains, you can use neutral detergent with gel-like toothpaste to wipe it.

Cleaning and maintenance of kitchen artificial stone countertop

1.Cleaning: As the artificial stone has no fine lines, it has a strong ability to resist the paint and stains.

2.Maintenance: Artificial stone countertops is easy to repair, if there have scratches and stains penetrate into it, you can ask a dedicated maintenance personnel to polish it or you can use the special water sandpaper polish it by yourself. If there have cracks, you can use the stone glue to repair it.


3.In order to avoid the trouble of repair, you should pay attention to the daily maintenance, place the tableware lightly,and do not drag it,to resist the high temperture, you should put the insulation pad. Always keep the countertop's surface clean, when there have stains on the surface, you should wipe the stain with damp cloth first, and then wipe the countertop with dry cloth to prevent stain from penetrating into the countertop. To advoid the esidual liquid on the jar erosion of the table, it is important to place the gasket under the liquid seasoning bottlle. Do not cut the vegetable on the countertop's surface directly, and use the appropriate case board. Last but no least, you should pay attention to the moisture and regular polishing waxing.