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Common Sense Of Artificial Stone (4/13/2017)

Artificial stone is made with unsaturated polyester resin as binder, with natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powder, as well as the amount of flame retardants, color, etc., by mixing ingredients, porcelain casting, Vibration compression, extrusion and other methods.

Artificial stone is based on the actual use of natural stone problems and research out, it has made great progress in resist moisture, acid, high temperature, piecks. But artificial stone has some shortcomings, the texture is so relatively false. It is used for some palce that always practical requirements,and soem other harsh environments, such as kitchen. It is rarely used for windowsill and floor where emphasize the decorative.


Artificial stone can be divided into three categories:

1. Countertops:

Kitchen with the overall cabinet countertops, and it can be used to make furnitures. There have many artificial stone to be used as countertops in the maket today. Natural stone has a natural pattern and color, but they can not be bend, and the artificial stone station have overcome this shortcoming, can be bend with heating, and form into a variety of shapes. For the countertopas, artificial stone is more suitable.

2.For floor and walls

In the building materials market,when artificial stone and natural stone put together, they aredifficult to be recognized. Artificial stone can follow the natural stone patterns and colors. Although artificial stone can not beautiful as natural stone, it has a light weight, thin thickness, corrosion resistance, anti-pollution, a better processing, making it become the new darling of stone consumption.


3.Floor tiles:

Stone non-slip floor tiles is a kind of artificial ground material, is a PVC composite composite floor material. The surface layer of resin wear-resistant layer, followed by the printing film, natural stone powder, the bottom of the waterproof layer. The thinnest can be made 3 mm thick. Its characteristics are, non-slip, pavement is simple, the price is as low as 100 yuan per square meter.