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Artificial Stone's Packing And Daily Maintenance Precautions (3/31/2017)

In recent years, artificial stone has been widely used in home decoration, especially the cabinet countertop, it become the mainstream cabinet countertops material.

However, even the same series of the artificial stone, the proportion of its resin and filler is not uniform, each style should have a separate formula, this accurate formula is calculated by accurate and repeated test. Its manufactured is through a series of complex production processes to complete, to produce high-quality artificial stone, from the equipment, materials, technology and other aspects of the gate, which requires manufacturers have a certain strength. For consumers,  the choice of artificial stone is mainly from the appearance and price, as to its quality, their judgments can only be based on manufacturers letter transcripts and quality supervision departments of the certification. In fact, a mature market should be the case.

According to the product type, usage and nature of the difference, the filler accounted for about 55% of the total amount of 80%, they are usually inorganic, they can not lead the chemical reaction, but it can increase the product strength and reducing the costs.The most suitable material for the artificial stone filler is aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide is a kind of odorless, tasteless, non-toxic white powder, molecules containing crystal water, it is a filler and flame retardant, due to its high refractive index, it can make the artificial stone like jade.

Another major class of filler is calcium carbonate ore powder. Calcium carbonate is a white crystal or powder, the artificial stone made by it have a harder texture, although its toughness is less than tha artificial stone that use the aluminum hydroxide as the filler. And the price is cheaper than aluminum hydroxide, so it has been widely used by many manufacturers.In addition, some non-standard manufacturers use talc, gypsum powder and other more expensive materials for packing, but these materials are not suitable for artificial stone. Artificial stone which made by that may easy to break,tha surface will be dull and the quality can not be guaranteed.

Artificial stone has a better resist ability, but compared to most natural marble, the hardness may be lower, so in daily use, should advoid to hit by sharp objects or hard wheel.Artificial stone's surface acid and alkali resistance is poor, should not be clean by strong acid-base cleaner, it may make the surface of artificial stone to be erosion burns.