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Ten Performance Advantages Of Artificial Stone (3/17/2017)

Artificial stone used unsaturated polyester resin as binder and combined with natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powder. It takes an important role in environmental protection and energy conservation. It has become a modern architectural preferred finishes.


AHigh strength

Its bending, shear strength was significantly improved, greatly reducing the transport, installation, use the process of damage rate.

BLight weight

The thinnest marble composite panel is 5mm and composite tiles or granite that commonly used is 12mm. It can save a lot of costs.

CAnti-pollution ability

Ordinary marble original board (whole body board) in the course of the installation or after the use of the process, the surface may have a variety of discoloration and stains, which is difficult to remove. But the Composite panel will not make this happen.

DEasy to control the color

It is made of 3m2 or 4m2 with 1m2 original plate (whole body plate) cut into 3 pieces or 4 pieces, and its pattern is almost the same to the original sheet.

EThe installation is easy

With the above characteristics, its installation efficiency and safety have been greatly improved during the installation process, and the also reduces the installation costs.


F、Break the restricted area

Marble can be used in anywhere, such as inside and outside the wall, the ground, windowsill, porch, desktop, etc., but people never try to decorate the ceiling with it. While the marble and aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum honeycomb adhesive have break through the stone decoration of the restricted area, because its weight is very light which make it suitable for ceiling.

GSoundproof, moisture-proof

Composite panels which made of aluminum honeycomb panels and marble, use of the hexagonal side made of hollow aluminum bee core with sound insulation, moisture, heat, cold performance. Thus, its features are better than the ordinary panel.

HEnergy saving

Stone aluminum honeycomb panels have a good performance on sound insulation, moisture, heat insulation, so it can greatly reduce the consumption of electricity and heat after installation in the indoor and outdoor.

ILow radioactivity

The most important feature and the biggest advantage of artificial stone is radioactivity is very low. This is an important advantage of artificial stone, also worthy of everyone's attention.

Reducing the costs

Because the stone composite is thinner, it can save some cost of the transport and installation. And composite panels are cheaper than original plate.