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How to Care for Marble Floor Tiles (2/9/2017)
The stunning appearance of marble tile in your home, whether it is flooring or in the kitchen or bath, can be challenging to maintain when one does not understand the properties of this magnificent stone. Although extremely durable, the surface of marble is soft and somewhat porous. Composed of calcite and calcium carbonate, marble is an alkaline-based stone that contains swirls of veining that can absorb stains. Marble is susceptible to scratches, dulling by common foot traffic, water and other liquid stains. If you choose to use a commercial cleaner, read the ingredients carefully to guarantee the product can be safely used on marble tiles.

Things You'll Need

Broom, dust mop or vacuum

Clean cloths or chamois

Liquid dishwashing detergent with warm water


Natural stone or marble cleaner (optional)

pH neutral, non-abrasive cleaner

Marble stone polish or wax

Keep your Marble Floor Tile Sparkling

Clean the marble tiles. Sweep, dust or vacuum the marble tile often, preferably daily. Dirt and grit easily damages the surface of marble tiles with minuscule scratches and allow the surface to break down.

Wash marble stone floor tiles with a mixture of dishwashing soap and warm water and a sponge or sponge mop, or commercial natural stone or marble cleaner. Be sure to confirm that any cleaner you choose to use is neutral pH or approved for marble. An acid based cleaner, such as vinegar, will break down the surface of the marble and ruin it.

Rinse off the soap and water, or commercial cleaner, from the marble tile with clean, warm water and a clean cloth or chamois. After completely rinsing the tile, thoroughly dry and polish the marble tile with a soft cloth. Never allow marble tile to air dry. Marble is prone to water spotting, which can occur with air drying.

Apply to the clean marble tile, with a clean cloth or polishing pad, marble stone polish. A wax developed for natural stone may be used in place of polish, reading the label to verify the wax or polish is acceptable for marble. Do not apply an excessive amount of polish or wax as the marble needs to breath and a heavy layer will begin to clog and deteriorate the marble surface. Using a good marble polish weekly can freshen the marble, protect the surface and may help remove small scratches.