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Care of Ubatuba Granite (1/17/2017)
Ubatuba is a type of granite found naturally in Brazil. Ubatuba granite displays green and black markings and is an attractive choice for kitchen counters, fountains or restaurant usage. Ubatuba granite needs to be sealed to be properly water resistant. 

Aside from sealing, your Ubatuba granite needs some attention, but little more than you would give another countertop material. If you've always wanted a sleek granite counter, don't let the thought of keeping it clean prevent you from your kitchen remodel.


Upon installation, seal your ubatuba granite counter with a sealer to protect the interior of the stone. Typically, the contractor responsible for installing your granite will seal the stone for you. An impregnating sealant will slow down the rate at which your granite counter absorbs liquid, allowing you time to clean up. Since stone is a naturally porous surface, the sealant inhibits this characteristic. One coat of sealant won't last forever. 

Countertopspecialty.com recommends re-sealing your dark-colored granite counter every three to five years.


When your ubatuba granite countertop is dirty, you should wipe it with a moist rag. Don't use an abrasive sponge or scrub brush. 

Using too much water is bad for your counter.

If you spill acidic liquids or oils on your counter, you need to clean up spills fast since these substances could stain the counter in a process called etching. Blot up the spill with a dry towel, then wipe away any remaining traces with your wet rag. 

Even though you've sealed the counter, acids and oils can still stain. You'll be far less likely to see the stain on the dark ubatuba granite than you would on a lighter granite, but etching stains may be visible under bright light.

Cleaning Products

The best cleaning product for your countertop is hot water and a clean rag. Vinegar, lemon or orange cleaners should be avoided for the possibility of etching. Dish soap can be used to clean counters and is an cleaner for removing bacteria; however, over time, dish soap residue can build up on your counter. You can purchase a granite stone cleaner for weekly or monthly maintenance. This will disinfect and protect your ubatuba counter.


Ubatuba granite can be scratched by knives, heavy pots or sharp objects. Not only does a scratch or chip expose the interior of the stone to water and oil damage, but chopped or scratched areas can grow larger. Take care not to use knives directly on your countertops. Avoid placing heavy or hot pots directly onto the stone; a trivet will cushion your granite from the weight. If you do find chips, scratches or other cosmetic damage, call a stone mason to discuss having your ubatuba granite repaired. Polishing the entire counter with an abrasive surface can sand away small scratches.