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How to Install Marble Fireplace Mantel Surround (12/9/2016)
Different marble fireplace sets have different configurations and come with different number of pieces. Therefore, installing different marble fireplaces may take different procedures. Presented in this section is the general installation guide for a popular marble fireplace style, the King Louise marble fireplace mantel and surrounds. 

Please be advised that all installation instructions presented in this website is solely for reference only. 

Please consult with your local construction professionals for more specific advises.

The following tools and accessories are needed to install a marble fireplace:

marble fireplace installation measuring tape and pencil marker

marble fireplace installation four feet long level device

marble fireplace installation putty knife and double angle brackets

marble fireplace installation 1" screws; marble drill with 1" bit

marble fireplace installation marble epoxy glue

marble fireplace installation Small angle brackets - as being marked #4 in the left image, and screws

A typical and simple marble fireplace mantel surround comes with five main pieces. As marked on the image above, 

these pieces are:

1. Marble fireplace hearth, one piece

3. Marble fireplace side rails, also often being called fireplace side columns, total two pieces

5. Fireplace center panel, also referred as "medallion", one piece

6. Fireplace mantel, or top shelf. In some cases, top self may consist of several layers depending on its style and overall thickness.

Marble Fireplace Installation Instructions:

marble fireplace installation Step 1

Determine exact wall location of marble fireplacemantel, mark the center point. Measure the length of the hearth, part number 1 in the image, divide this measurement by two. Starting at the center point measure out 1/2 the hearth  length and mark. This will be the edge mark for the hearth. 

marble fireplace installation Step 2 

 Completely level the floor surface where the marble fireplace is to be installed. Place the fireplace hearth, on the leveled surface before inserting the firebox. 

marble fireplace installation Step 3  

Install each side column, part number 3 in the image, make sure column bottoms match the marks found on the marble hearth.

marble fireplace installation Step 4 

Secure both side to the the back wall using small angle brackets and screws (not come with fireplace). Use the level device to ensure that each side  column stand perfectly vertical, make any adjustment if necessary. 

marble fireplace installation Step 5  

Place the center medallion panel, part number 5 in the image, on the outer ledge of the side columns.

marble fireplace installation Step 6  

Place the mantel shelve, part number 6 in the image, on the top of the side columns (3) and the medallion panel (5). Make sure the mantel shelf is centered.

marble fireplace installation Step 7  

Apply marble epoxy to glue all adjacent parts together, allow 24 hours to dry completely.