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How to Stain Cultured Marble (11/10/2016)
Cultured marble has become a popular option for bathroom vanities because it has all of the luminescent beauty of marble but is more durable and less expensive. Cultured marble is made from limestone and fiberglass resin as well as calcium carbonates. Then the cultured marble surface is sealed to help prevent scratching and staining. If you don't like the color of the cultured marble, you can change it with some careful planning and work.

Things You'll Need

Bathroom cleaner appropriate for cultured marble 


2 clean towels

200 grit sandpaper

Painter's tape

Spray paint for marble surfaces

Marble sealant

Using a sponge, clean the surface of the cultured marble with a bathroom cleaner that is appropriate for cultured marble. Wet a clean towel, wipe the surface thoroughly and then dry it. A clean surface will absorb stain more efficiently than a soiled one.

Sand the surface and wipe off any excess dust. This removes the marble sealant, exposing the surface of the cultured marble.

Apply painter's tape to surfaces that you do not want to stain.Spray the paint over the marble in a thin, even coat. Allow the paint to dry. Reapply coats until you are satisfied with the color.

Spray marble sealant over the new painted surface and allow it to dry. This will protect the surface from damage.

Remove the painter's tape.