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How to Clean Marble Tile Floors (10/14/2016)
Marble can look very nice in a home, but only if it is kept clean. This article will describe how to best clean a marble floor with items you would have around your home.

Things You'll Need


Soft sponge

Dish soap

hot water


Gloves (optional)bath towel

Fill the bucket with hot water and dish soap. Do not fill the bucket all the way because you will have to move it repeatedly and you don't want to be lifting excess weight, nor do you want to spill any of the water. Make sure anything that can be moved out of the room is prior to engaging in this project.

Begin in the back of the room, especially if there is only one door in or out. Gently scrub the floor with the sponge so that you don't leave any scratches or other marks. Make sure the sponge is completely drenched in the hot soapy water to get the maximum effect when cleaning. Scrub back and forth in a sweeping motion across the floor. As you go, move yourself and the bucket towards the doorway.

If you have marble tile that has been spaced, with caulk or some other filler between each tile you will need a toothbrush. Use the toothbrush to scrub in these small spaces and corners. This is where a majority of dirt can gather, so be sure to spend some extra time on this part of the cleaning. Again, make sure the brush is thoroughly soaked int he hot soapy water

Immediately upon finishing, take a full sized bath towel. Place it below your feet and slide yourself around the room. This is to pick up any excess water without leaving footprints around the newly cleaned tile. if you notice water has pooled in the spaces between tiles, use your fingers wrapped in a towel to gather this water up.