Artificial Stone Colors - Solid Surface - ASS-O013

solid surface,Pure acrylic solid surface ,Blended acrylic solid

  • Item No.: ASS-O013
  • Name: Green Crystal
  • Material: Solid Surface
  • Update: 2009-9-10


With diverse colors, good performance, excellent durability and favorable prices, Solid Surface makes itself more and more popular with many consumers. As high quality countertop materials acknowledged in the industry, it is widely applied in various commercial and indoor decorations.

Composition: UPR (unsaturated polyester resin), ATH (Alumina Trihydrate) & Natural Ore Fillers.

1. A broad range of colors and textures;
2. Good tenacity and processability;
3. Smooth, solid, inconspicuous seam;
4. Superior stain/bacteria/chemical resistance;
5. Easily repariable;
6. Low water absorption & Good penetrability;
7. High oxygen index & flame resistant.

The solid surface sheets can be widely used in the public construction (hotel, restaurant, bank, hospital, exhibition room, lab), as well as family decoration (kitchen countertop, commode, floor, wall, teapoy and windowsill., etc)

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