Artificial Stone Colors - Quartz Color - AFQ-P025

Newstar Stone supply you various Artificial Quartz,also called Engineered Stone, Aritficial stone.

  • Item No.: AFQ-P025
  • Name: Crystal Yellow
  • Material: artificial Quartz
  • Update: 2008-12-23


This is artificial Quartz, one kinds of artificial stone( also called Engineered Stone)  ,it can be made into slab,tiles,cut to size,wall tiles,Countertop,vanity top,island top,worktops,benchop,desk top, column, sculpture, fireplace ,window sill, door surround, window surround, wall tiles, flooring tiles etc

Now, Artificial Quartz become popular in Countertops, Vanity, worktops, benchtop in USA, Canada, Australia ,UK etc, as it is good hardness,but this material is so expensive than Artificial marble.

*Big slab's size: 3050x1400mm, thickness can be 1cm,1.8cm,2cm,3cm or more!

*tiles: 60x60cm,60x30cm, 40x40xcm, 30x30cm or other size as per your requirement.

 *Note:  all tiles are come from big slab, if tiles are suitable slab's arrangement, that would effect their prices mostly!!

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